Flight Planning

Southend (Zulu)

Southend (BST)

Please note: Southend ATIS is now Arrival/Departure on frequency 136.055

AIP (Aeronautical Information Package )

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SkyDemon Light

Flight Planning & GPS Navigation software
This software is an aid to VFR flight planning only.
You will need to have Microsoft Siverlight to use this. (free download)

Airport/Airfield Websites

Links to Airport/Airfield websites for local information.

General Aviation Report Form

Download General Aviation Report Form

Automatic Flight Plan Validation

Try this automatic flight plan validation sysyem before you make that trip. Give flight briefing one less thing to complain about in the process!

Pilot's Pre-Flight (Outbrief)

This is a Checklist of things to think about before making a flight

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Service De L'Information Aeronautique

French AIP & Notams

Olivia (France)

Visualization of Information for Airmen


Belgium AIP - Registration Required

CAA Safety Regulation Group

Lots of questions answered, the latest information on licencing issues lists of medical examiners and more. Well done CAA!


Access the lastest Air Accidents Investigation Branch information.

CAA Charges

Scare yourself with this link directly to CAA Charges