The following pages are to assist you with information needed to complete your PPL.
They are not meant to replace the recommmended books etc.

There are seven Subjects: -

Introduction to the PPL and Associated Ratings

Information about the PPL course.

Air Law

Aviation Law


The inscrutable art of navigation, and the use of a navigation computer are just some of the topics explored.


To allow you to interpret weather information and assess the actual weather occurring and make decisions based on what you see.

Human Performance

Performance and Flight Planning

Principles Of Flight

The Principles of Flight as they affect all aircraft that take to the skies. Learn that there are just four forces keeping an aircraft in flight, and not one of them is your indomitable will power.

Radio Telephony

A language all of it's own, over.


The Principles of propellers. An informative page, which will take you into the fascinating world of spinning things.

Internet Links

A page of helpful and relevant Internet Links