Instrument Rating Renewal

Southend Flying Club's CRE IRR: John Thurlow

Using Southend Flying Club to renew your IR(A) has the following advantages:

  • Southend Airport comes with NDB, ILS and Radar, considerably reducing your costs in transist time
  • CRE IRR is available and is not fitting you in between rosters
  • Aircraft availability with maintenance organisation close at hand
  • Competetively priced aircraft with decent airways kit, autopilot and de-icing equipment
  • Friendly and helpful staff responsive to your needs

Using Southend Flying Club to renew your IR(A) has the following disadvantage:

  • You will be renewed in no time at all, and then you will have only 12 months till your next renewal

A Note About IR(A) Proficiency Check

An Instrument Rating (Aeroplanes) Proficiency Check will involve a route (not necessarily airways, involving NDB and VOR tracking. There will be general handling involving limited panel timed turns and recovery from unusual attitudes. Following this will be a Hold and procedural or radar vectored ILS. The approach will be continued to DA for a go around, with engine failure in the climb. An asymmetric procedural NDB approach will be completed to MDA for visual circuit to land. This can be resonably be expected to last up to one and half hours. (Including any aeroplane handling skills that are completed at the same time for simultaneous renewal of IR and aeroplane rating). Obviously there is no asymmetric work if the renewal is to be completed on a single aircraft.

A Note About Validity

An Instrument Rating (Aeroplanes) is valid for 12 Months and will be revalidated by Proficiency Check. A Multi-Engine (Aeroplane) Instrument Rating will normally be be revalidated by proficiency check at the same time as revalidation of the aeroplane rating, but may be renewed separately.

Renewal of an Instrument Rating (Aeroplane), within a period of not exceeding 5 years from the expiry date of the rating then a proficiency check is required to renew. If 5 years has been exceeded, then an Initial Instrument Rating Skill Test with a CAA Staff Flight Examiner is required.

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