Introduction To The PPL and Associated Ratings

To let you know what is involved with a gaining a PPL and what you can do after gaining a PPL

Age requirements

To hold a PPL you must be at least 17

To go solo you must be at least 16

How Do I Gain A PPL?

Flying requirements

45 hours course (minimum),Minimum of 25 hours dual and 10 hours solo

Four distinct phases:

Dual General handling (exercises 1-11)

Dual Circuits to solo circuits (exercises 12, 13, 14)

Dual Navigation to solo navigation (exercises 18)

Advanced general handling and revision to get ready for Skills Test (exercises 15-19)

What Equipment Do I Need To Gain A PPL?

  • Apart from the money to pay for lessons
  • There are books to help you with the flying and the examinations
  • A headset is advisable
  • Navigation tools (Chart, Ruler, Protractor, Navigation Computer)

You can purchase these from our shop

What Are The Examination Requirements?

All written and flying examinations are conducted in house.
The majority of the work will be self-study.

We have a series of CD's available for your use at the Flying Club
covering the subjects below

There are seven written examinations covering: -

  • Aviation Law and Operational Procedures
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance
  • Performance and Flight Planning
  • Aircraft Technical and Principles of Flight
  • Radio communications

There is one oral examination covering: -

  • Radio communications

Questions Types

  • Multiple choice with three selections
  • One answer is correct and the other two show a fundamental misunderstanding or misinterpretation

We have some mock exams for you to practice

What Are The Flying Test Requirements?

The Skills Test

  • There is one flying examination that can be taken only when everything else is completed.
  • The Skills Test is a two-hour test involving Navigation, General Handling and Emergencies, and Circuits. There is a requirement for you to demonstrate a reasonable level of knowledge of the aircraft type that you fly in the test, so a few questions will be asked as part of the test.

What Are The Medical Requirements?

A general level of medical health is required

A list of medical examiners is available via

Cost is in the region of 140 and it is a requirement that you have a medical certificate before you can fly solo

Colour Blindness does NOT preclude you from flying, nor does the wearing of prescription glasses

What Can I Do With A PPL?

  • Limited only by your funds and your imagination.
  • Take your friends up and let them know just what has been keeping you out of the social scene.
  • Fly to the near continent; France and Belgium are easily accessible.
  • Weather considerations feature highly in all decisions of whether to fly or not.
    As a PPL you will be confident enough to assess this yourself.
  • You will be restricted to flying outside of cloud and in sight of the surface only.
  • Learn to fly in different conditions (Night, Aerobatics, On Instruments).
  • Learn to fly different aircraft (Cessna 152, P28R Arrow).

What Do I Do To Keep My Licence Current?

  • Once you pass the Skills Test your licence is valid for two years
  • In the last 12 months of that two year period you must
  • Complete 12 hours of flying
  • Including 12 take-off and 12 landings
  • 6 hours must be pilot in command
  • 1 hour must be with an instructor


  • within the last 3 months of the licence validity you must complete a successfully proficiency check

Personal requirements:

  • A sense of humour
  • Perseverance
  • A high degree of personal hygiene

What Happens After?

It is up to you, where do you want to go?

  • Night rating
  • IMC rating
  • Multi rating
  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence
  • Commercial Pilots Licence
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flying Instructors rating

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