TAF - Southend

Metar - Southend

Met Forms 214 & 215

24 hour TAF - UK and Europe

Rainfall Radar

UK Met Office - Aviation briefing service

Met Forms 214 & 215 available, plus TAF and METARS, when you want them. All for free, all you have to do is register.

Abbreviations used in aviation forecasts and warnings

Aerodrome forecast - TAF decode

Aerodrome actual weather - METAR decode

French Met Office

Need to have a code to access Metars etc, some weather info available.

General Weather

Belgian Weather

Registration required

Weather Online

A useful site for satellite and forecasts across europe

University Of Copenhagen

Institute of Geography: Detailed satellite images

Worldwide METAR

Have the ICAO code ready.

Netherlands Weather Service

Infrared, Altantic, and Synoptic to name but a few of it's services.

Swedish Weather Service

Yet another invaluable source for met information. Swedish speaking fluency not a requirement.

French Satellite Page

High Resolution Satellite Imagery.

Danish Meteorological Institute

DMI responsible for the provision of meteorological services for civil aviation in Denmark, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.

Avnet Weather Service

For quick and up to the minute met information.